Will AI Kill SEO?


Will AI Kill SEO?

Now in the ever-evolving digital landscape, the rise of artificial intelligence has sparked discussion about its potential impact on various industries, It is unlikely to replace SEO entirely. Instead, AI and SEO can work hand in hand to achieve the best results. It’s more complicated than asking if AI content is good or bad for SEO; instead, it’s all about how you choose to implement these tools into existing content creation workstreams.

But this depends on search engines luring tens of millions of users to their websites. And so, to earn users’ loyalty and web traffic, search engines must continuously work on their algorithms to improve the quality of their search results.

Answering whether Generative AI will kill SEO

  • No, Generation AI will change many things, but SEO will still be relevant
  • As long as people search the internet through a search engine as organic results matter, it remains important
  • Companies and SEOs who adapt to the changes while the rest will be left behind

That’s why, even if it could hurt a part of their revenue stream, search engines have been quick to experiment with generative AI to improve search results. And this could fundamentally change the online search ecosystem. Some points that can clarify that there are somehow risks in AI-generated SEO content:

Brand Safety Issues

It’s incapable of accurately conveying your brand voice especially if it is unique. If you publish AI SEO content writing that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted, you risk devaluing your brand.

Lack of Originality

To implement an SEO content strategy that drives incremental results, brands must focus on providing content that shows expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Tools for AI content optimizations cannot provide net-new ideas or unique perspectives,

Algorithm bias

Along with the algorithm itself, it can perpetuate harmful racial and gender stereotypes. Brands should carefully evaluate and edit AI-generated SEO content to avoid causing harm or providing incorrect information to their audience.

What AI can be used in SEO content?

With all that said, AI content creation tools have their uses. They are a good companion in the initial idea generation and brainstorming phase. Because the datasets for these tools are not updated frequently, they are not a good source of truth for search volume. However, they can be an excellent source for keyword ideation.

Here is where you can use AI for content marketing:

  • Idea generation
  • SEO keyword research ideation
  • Outlining header tags long for more content
  • Concise content

AI tools can get you off to a great start, even providing a serviceable rough outline or draft with correct prompts. But a critical thing to remember is that any AI-generated SEO content, no matter how long or short, will always need review and editing.

This ensures it adheres to brand guidelines, speaks to your target audience, and provides unique, relevant information.

What AI should not be used in content SEO?

AI content creation tools can increase productivity and efficiency but should be implemented intelligently. If creating valuable, meaningful content is essential to your brand, we recommend limiting the use of generative AI to the following:

  • Content where brand voice and style are fundamental
  • Content where reliability and fact-checking are essential

How to use AI SEO Content

The more guidance on target keywords, brand voice, and character limits you can include in your content SEO prompts for generative AI tools, the better, more usable responses you will get.


  • Original Prompt: write me a meta description for the product listing page
  • Ovative Take: This prompt will generate meta descriptions that are too long, do not represent the product on the page, target keywords we want to target or match the brand’s voice.
  • Improved Prompt: from character length to keyword targeting, this prompt gives generative AI tools and parameters that align the meta description with SEO best practices. While these responses will still require editing, they are a good starting point. This approach is valuable.

AI for SEO content writing in future

So, should you use AI for SEO? If you do, we suggest caution. Using AI for content marketing can help you speed up your content creation process but relying entirely on it can be risky from a search and branding perspective. Explore different AI content creation tools and see where they can expand your capacity and capabilities rather than limit you to bland, formulaic content.

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