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Commercial Real Estate Company

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DigiSplix Services Used: This Commercial Real Estate Company has Subscribed to our Enterprise Business Growth Plan.

Business Overview

The Commercial Real Estate Company (CREC) operates within the dynamic and competitive realm of commercial real estate, specializing in property acquisition, leasing, and management services. With a rich portfolio of properties and a reputation for excellence, CREC has established itself as a trusted partner for clients seeking prime real estate opportunities. However, despite its esteemed position in the industry, CREC faced a significant challenge when its online presence took a hit due to the de-indexing and penalization of its website by search engines. This setback resulted in a notable decline in website traffic and posed a threat to CREC’s ability to attract and engage prospective clients in an increasingly digital landscape.


De-indexed Website

The CREC's website faced a critical setback as it got de-indexed by search engines, making it virtually invisible to potential clients.

Penalties from Search Engines

The website incurred penalties from search engines due to violations of their guidelines, further exacerbating the visibility issue.

Declining Traffic and Client Base

With the website's plummeting visibility, the CREC experienced a sharp decline in website traffic and struggled to attract new clients.


The Results

Website Traffic
+ 0
+ 0 %
Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
Phone Calls
+ 0 %

The Execution

Through collaborative efforts with DigiSplix, the Commercial Real Estate Company successfully navigated the challenges posed by its de-indexed and penalized website, achieving substantial improvements in website visibility, traffic, and client acquisitions, thereby revitalizing its online presence and competitive standing in the industry.

DigiSplix emerged as our beacon of hope when our website faced the devastating blow of penalties and de-indexing. Amidst our despair, they not only provided a solution but also infused our team with renewed optimism. Their commitment to excellence and tireless efforts turned our despair into triumph, leading our business from the depths of uncertainty to the pinnacle of success. Choosing DigiSplix and subscribing to their business growth plan was undeniably the best decision we made in our darkest hour.

Mason Richardson

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