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Luxury Shoes & Bags

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DigiSplix Services Used: This eCommerce store has used our Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services.

Business Overview

Luxury Shoes and Bags is an upscale e-commerce store specializing in high-end footwear and accessories. Catering to discerning clientele, the store offers a curated selection of luxury brands renowned for their craftsmanship and exclusivity.


Limited Online Visibility

Despite offering premium products, the e-commerce store struggled with low online visibility, hampering its ability to attract potential customers. The fierce competition in the luxury fashion industry compounded this challenge, making it difficult to stand out amidst numerous competitors.

Limited Reach on Social Media

The brand faced difficulties in effectively leveraging social media platforms to engage with its target audience. With inadequate social media presence and engagement, it failed to capitalize on the potential of these platforms to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

Conversion Optimization

While the website attracted traffic, converting visitors into customers posed a significant challenge. The high price point of luxury items necessitated a tailored approach to conversion optimization, ensuring that the affluent clientele felt confident in making purchases online.


The Results

Overall Increase in Sales
+ 0 %
Facebook Impressions
+ 0 %
Instagram Engagement Rate
+ 0 %
Instagram Impressions
+ 0 %
Ad Sales
+ 0 %
Advertising Cost of Sales in 6 months
- 0 %
New Website Users
+ 0 %
Newly Optimized Keywords
+ 0 %
+ 0 %
Content Interactions
+ 0 %
Facebook Organic Reach
+ 0 %
Link Clicks
+ 0 %
Luxury Shoes & Bags eCommerce Store Website Traffic

The Execution

DigiSplix has been instrumental in driving significant changes for our Luxury Shoes and Bags eCommerce Store. From our initial audit to the present, we've been consistently amazed by their digital marketing expertise, SEO strategies, and SMM campaigns, which have boosted our overall business expansion, engagement, and sales. Their services are not only exceptional but also very affordable, making them a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. DigiSplix is truly result-oriented, consistently delivering outstanding results. Highly recommended for any company looking to elevate their digital marketing efforts.

Declan Barnes

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